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our story

RENATA by Renata Gasparian, was born with the mission of creating a women's ready to wear collection of continuity, where pieces are season less, and new designs complement the prior ones. "I believe fashion is not about a trend, fashion is about pieces that are collectibles, even more so, it is about investment pieces to wear everyday."

Behind the Design

Even though Renata is native to Brazil and that is where most of her inspiration sparked, everything began with a trip to India. Since the beginning, India has been the heartbeat of this brand. With help from a family friend, we met our current factory manager there and source all of our fabrics in India. Each piece is handmade by one of our amazing artisans making them all one of a kind and unique to our customers. We travel to India several times a year to find new fabrics, take in the culture and grow our brand.